Honest advice on buying real estate
For buyers who want the truth about Auckland houses

Do you need help with property values, locations, building materials or rental returns?


Would independent, honest advice help you make a better buying decision and save you money?


Property Magic specialises in advising buyers on real estate for sale in Auckland. You employ us to help you in your search and to give you the facts; particularly important if you are new to this market.

You pay us to provide this advice so you are assured you are getting your questions answered honestly and you are receiving independent help.

“Her thorough knowledge of property helped me be aware of things about the various properties we inspected which probably saved me from making an unwise choice and spending unnecessary money on repairs.” Deb Curtis, Glenfield

Property Magic has access to every property listed for sale in Auckland and the expertise to ensure you find the best deal no matter what your budget is. And, we are researching the market every day so finding suitable houses for you is quick and convenient.



You can try before you buy

Call now for a free, no obligation meeting to assess your needs and to find out if we can help. 


This one hour discussion will draw up a list of essentials that will be found in your ideal property. It is free of charge and no obligation. Check out what we offer for free and without risk. 


Call now on 0800 800455 or email info@propertymagic.co.nz


Our comprehensive service lets you choose the type and level of help you need. We can


  • Do market research on real estate for sale 
    • Enjoy your evenings and weekends and let us do the grind.
    • Learn about the market easily with expert help.
  • Prepare a customised list of houses for sale that tick all your boxes:
    • Here’s the list of currently available houses that we think you’ll really want to spend time seeing.
    • We update it everyday.
  • Arrange inspection times:
    • We’ll talk to the real estate agents and organise viewing times to suit you.
    • You won’t need to make a single call.
  • Complete inspections with you:
    • We can view the houses with you to point out any issues you need to be aware of and to answer your questions.
  • Complete sales comparisons research:
    • You can be sure that you have the best information to make your decisions with all the data on recent sales.
  • Supply negotiation tips that work for you:
    • You won’t need to go into the negotiation unprepared because we can help you work out your strategy.
  • Offer tenancy advice:
    • We have the experience to make sure you can get the best out of your investment property. 


 “Robyn was able to sit with us and draw out from us what we needed and give really sensible advice from years of experience. As a result we only needed to see 4 properties before buying and weren’t bothered by agents – we had just the 1 contact.” Barbara Larsen, Takapuna.


You will never have any pressure put on you to buy but you will have a personal buying adviser who listens to you and helps you prioritise your wants and needs, then only shows you properties that meet this list.


We do not charge a fee if you purchase a property. You employ us on an hourly basis and you set the limits.

Honest advice on buying Auckland real estate.

To book your free assessment session now just call 0800 800455 or email us on info@propertymagic.co.nz


Our Promises

Property Magic will give totally independent and honest advice always.

  • We are never paid any commission, bonuses, perks or anything else by  property sellers, real estate agents or anyone with an interest in convincing you to buy a property.

Property Magic will point out any problems they are aware of and will recommend expert advice for all areas they are not qualified to give advice on.        

  • We will never hide, cover up, or neglect to mention or comment on any aspect of the property or process which you need to know. Robyn’s experience is in real estate for sale, investment property management and property trading and she is not qualified to give financial advice, legal advice or building advice but she will make sure that you can access reputable people who are. You will be as informed as you need and want to be before you sign any agreement to purchase a property.

Property Magic offers a 100% money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the service you receive from us.


Call now for a no-obligation, free one hour assessment session on 0800 800455 or email info@propertymagic.co.nz with your details and we will call you back promptly.


It saved us time, worry and money. It empowered us to make decisions confidently. Fiona and Grant Mowlem, England


I had been struggling for quite some time and was frustrated that real estate agents were acting for vendors not purchasers. I wanted someone I could trust and who had the expertise to be on my team in this search. Jane Edwards, Milford.


I liked Robyn's knowledge of anything to do with property and her prompt and enthusiastic service. I also liked that she took a lot of the research time out of the equation - she did all the looking and presented only suitable properties for me to consider. Deb Curtis, Glenfield.


We would recommend this service to anyone and not just overseas residents. Simply put, if you have Robyn on your side, you will gain an unfair advantage to getting your dream home. Martin and Angel Ma, Sydney. 


What I liked most about the service was the time saving and knowing we were on the right track. The initial meeting set up the boundaries, expectations and outcomes. Barry Larsen, Takapuna

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